RaQ4 SPF Record GUI Plug In

This is a GUI plug-in for the Cobalt RaQ4 DNS Parameters section that allows you to be compatible with the SPF record system. The SPF system requires you to add a "txt" record to your domains "Zone file" or "DNS settings". This SPF GUI allows you to add the txt record of your choice with the standard Cobalt RaQ4 GUI DNS parameters system you are already used to...

AOL will begin using SPF records to maintain their whitelist in the near future. If you want to remain on AOL's whitelist, you will need to establish an SPF record for your domain as AOL will begin to query whitelisted IP addresses from a domain's SPF record shortly. Without an SPF record, your whitelist entries may expire.

Compatible with all backup software that backs up the records file.

Includes a custom built pkg for easy re-install

The SPF record system helps fight spam and stop forged emails.
For more information about SPF visit these sites

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GUI Plug In
Add Record Page
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NOTE: All software is on a "per motherboard" licence and the pkg file is installed for you to insure the best installation possible. All packages are designed to install on a clean system. All systems should be in good running order before package installation. "User group" servers may require additional charges. All pkg files are custom builds... Please allow 72 hours...
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