These Upgrade Packages are not currently required

I made these Kernels for when the RaQ4 2.2 Kernel is no longer supported at and needs to be upgraded to a 2.4 kernel. These packages are also for those that the StrongBolt person has scared with their "Cobalt Linux is to old" campaign to sell their once updated Kernel version of CentOS and BlueQuartz.

These 2.4 kernels are more stable then the 2.6 line which is built around new computers that can handle over 512 meg of memory and use multiple processors or cores with newer ethernet/disk hardware not found in the RaQ line of products. Using a 2.4 kernel also creates a more stable platform with less updates and the need to rebuild/re-engineer the patches used to build the latest version of the 2.6 kernel which has been updated and released with a record of 5 times in one month and an average of 2 times a month.

The 2.4 kernels are only updated as needed and development work is focused on the 2.6 kernel allowing for a more stable kernel and a reduced number of updates/reboots for our webservers.

This kernel is required for users of FreePascal 2.2.2

These Upgrade Packages are not currently required

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