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Over the last 20 years I have done various things...
Among them are the following.

ELECTRONIC CONSULTANTS INC., Westland, MI 8-1 90 to Present
President/Owner.  System Administrator, maintenance and support service for Sun Cobalt Networks Raq Servers.  Designed, Built, Tested, Sold, Setup, and Repaired PC's and PC based Networks. Consulting on various forms of Electrical and Electronic Systems and software. Internet site Design, Development,  System Administration of Multiple servers and sites. Redhat Linux, Cobalt Linux, Single disk Linux, FreeBSD, BSDI, NetBSD, WinX, Novel Netware, SCO Xenix 286, IBM Dos 2.10 - 5.0, MS Dos 2.10 - 6.22.
PREMIERE VIDEO, INC., Livonia, MI 6-18 84 to 6-18-98
Primary function was to reduce manufacturing costs, improve efficiencies, standardize processes and procedures, and evaluate, recommend and implement a program of continuous improvement.  Maintained and Specified Computer Equipment, Software, and Network System’s. Network Administrator. Maintained Sony 1" and ľ" VTR's, Industrial VHS, 8mm, and beta* VCR’s,  Broadcast quality Vectorscope and Waveform monitors, TBC's, Video and Audio DA’s, Switchers, Black, Color bar, and Sync generators. Wide variety of production related packaging, printing, Power supply, Electrical, chillers, and air conditioning equipment. Designed, Automated, Modified, and built numerous systems, circuits and machines. Building Maintenance and Construction Projects.
DON-LOR’S ELECTRONICS, Livonia, MI…6-29-83 to 6-15-84
Repaired various VHS and Beta VCR’s, Video games, Test equipment, PC's, Color and B&W TV’s. PC Programming in basic and accounting system design.
Electronic Engineering training that included Microprocessors, Memory, Disk systems, Modems and Interfacing. Basic Programming on IBM System 34, Assembly on Southwest Tech PC, Machine code on 6800 D-5 kit.
TESTRON, INC., Livonia, MI 9-17-81 to 6-28-83
Assembled cables using different types of connectors. Built and tested steering wheel level and fuel pump testers used in Automobile Manufacturing.
Customer Service and Maintenance… repaired Calculators, Typewriters and Adding Machines
SECURITY CORPORATION, Royal Oak, MI 10-79 to 2-80
Repaired alarm systems and several different types of automatic drive-in banking systems.
 THE GRAND RIVER ACADEMY , - Austinburg, OH 1979
Traditional nonsectarian, non-military, boarding high school whose primary goal is to prepare boys for a successful college education.
TIM AND JEFF SALES COMPANY, - Livonia, Michigan 1972
First official business (I was 11 years old)
I Accecpt...
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Electronic Consultants Incorporated.

734-454-9117 Since 1990
US residents can call toll free 1-800-231-4459
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